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Softaculous 3.9 released

Softaculous 3.9 is now available.what’s new in Softaculous 3.9? Added the RESELLER Control Panel for Resellers (For cPanel and DirectAdmin). Resellers can rebrand Softaculous for their users. Resellers can change settings and define multiple...


Softaculous 3.7 released

Softaculous 3.7 released and this version of Softaculous adds some cool new features and fixes some bugs. A complete list of changes: Added the Progress Bar to show the current status of the install...


Softaculous 3.5 released

Softaculous is an auto installer for cPanel and DirectAdmin. A complete list of changes: install PERL scripts by the click of a button. Added the ACL for control panel plans Added Softaculous Category in...