Parlatype – Manual Speech Transcription

Parlatype is a free manual audio transcription for linux. It allows you can play audio sources to transcribe them in your favourite text application. It will very helpful app for article writer, blogger, a student or a reporter, to turn audio into text. Parlatype comes with adjustable speed of playback, Rewind on pause, timestamps and libreoffice helpers. It plays almost every audio file using the GStreamer framework.

Install Parlatype on Ubuntu

You can install Parlatype Speech Transcription on ubuntu via PPA. Open your terminal app. Type the below command and press the enter key.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gabor-karsay/parlatype

Type your Ubuntu password. Then press the enter key. This will add the Parlatype PPA on your system. Then run the below command,

sudo apt update

After that execute the below command to install Parlatype on Ubuntu.

sudo apt install parlatype

Type Y and press the enter key to confirm the installation of Parlatype Speech Transcription. After the successful installation of Parlatype restart your ubuntu. Click the Dash home from unity launcher. And type Parlatype in the search field. Then click Parlatype to open it.

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  1. Marcio C Garcia

    Greatings ! I have been installed Parlatype on Linux Ubuntu. After this I run it and played a mp3 file. Ok, that’s fine.
    But I’ve searched the way to transcribe the audio to a text and I cannot find this ?
    At the second time I’ve opened Libre Office to look for a tool that do that task or that do that with Parlatype.
    Finally I didn’t have success. Would you please give me a help ? Thank you !

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