Newsboat RSS Atom feed Reader – Install Newsboat on Ubuntu

Newsboat is a free and open source RSS and Atom terminal based feed reader for Linux, BSD or Mac OS. It is a fork of popular feed reader Newsbeuter. It is released under open source MIT License. It reads feed from text file and OPML file. In this article, i will show you how to install and use Newsboat on your Ubuntu system.

Install Newsboat rss feed reader on Ubuntu

Newsboat is available as snap package for ubuntu . You can install it via the terminal (ctr+alt+t) app. Open the terminal application and run below Newsboat snap installation command.

sudo snap install newsboat

Then enter your Ubuntu user password. It will install the latest version of Newsfeed on Ubuntu.

How to Use Newsboat on Ubuntu:

After the successful installation, open your terminal app and run below command.


You will get the “Error: no URLs configured.” error. This error will look like below.

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“Starting newsboat r2.21…
Loading configuration…done.
Opening cache…done.
Loading URLs from /home/manikandan/snap/newsboat/3335/.newsboat/urls…done.
Error: no URLs configured. Please fill the file /home/manikandan/snap/newsboat/3335/.newsboat/urls with RSS feed URLs or import an OPML file.”

Because you don’t have any configured feeds. In the error message just check the path of the urls file. For me its “/home/manikandan/snap/newsboat/3335/.newsboat/urls

Here “manikandan” is my username. Just navigate to that path via terminal.

cd snap/newsboat/3335/.newsboat

And run the below command to add our feed url to the urls file.

echo "" >urls

Here “” is our feed url.

Then run

newsboat -r

Press enter to select the feed and navigate via up and down keys. That’s all.

For the complete usage details, run this command.

newsboat -h
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