How to Use MTR My Traceroute Command in Ubuntu Linux

MTR (My Traceroute) is a free and open source command-line network diagnostic tool that combines the functionalities of the ping and traceroute commands. It offers a cross-platform approach, providing insights into the route network packets take from the host system to a specified destination. What sets MTR apart is its ability to include response percentages and times for every network hop, making it a valuable tool for network administrators seeking thorough diagnostics.

Installing MTR on Ubuntu

If MTR is not pre-installed on your system, you can easily install it using the following apt command:

sudo apt install mtr

Usage of the mtr Command

1. View Real-time Traceroute Report

Use the MTR command to display a real-time traceroute report for a remote machine. Simply input the domain name or IP address, and MTR will generate the report on the fly.


Display Numeric IP addresses:

mtr -g

Use both hostnames and numeric IP addresses:

mtr -b

2. Specify a Ping Limit

Configure MTR to terminate after a specific number of pings, providing a concise traceroute report.

mtr -c 10

3. Enable Report Mode

Instead of displaying results on the screen, use report mode to save the output in a text file.

mtr -r -c 10 > mtr-report-google

4.Specify Time Interval between ICMP ECHO Requests

Adjust the time interval between ICMP ECHO requests by using the -i flag.

mtr -i 10

5. Utilize TCP SYN Packets or UDP Datagrams

Choose between TCP SYN or UDP datagrams for MTR requests, deviating from the default ICMP ECHO.

mtr --tcp
mtr --udp

6. Specify Packet Size

Tailor the size of the IP packet for network quality diagnosis using the -s flag.

mtr -r -s 50

For additional options and customization details, refer to the MTR command’s help and man page:

man mtr
mtr --help

you can get further options for usage and customization of the mtr command by reading its help and man page through the above commands.

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