How to install Mini Diary on Ubuntu – Secure Journal App

Mini Diary is a free and open source diary and journal app for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is simple and clean diary app for everyone. Your can secure your diary with a password encryption and the data stored locally. You can also sync that encrypted file in Dropbox, Google Drive or with any other cloud services. You can export your diary to PDF and Markdown file format. And also import from other journal apps. Some other features are light and dark themes, Basic text formatting, search and statistics. It is released in MIT License.

Install Mini Diary Journal app on Ubuntu:

It is available as a AppImage and snap package for Ubuntu. We will see how to install it via AppImage and snappy Package manager.

Install Mini Diary via Snap:

For install via snap you need to open your Terminal app (Ctrl+Alt+T). Then type the below Mini Diary snap installation command and hit the enter key.

sudo snap install mini-diary

If you want to test the latest development version of Mini diary then run this command.

sudo snap install mini-diary --edge

This will install Mini Diary on your ubuntu system . Then click the show applications in your Ubuntu Gnome dock and type Mini Diary in the search box and click mini diary to start it.

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Install Mini Diary via AppImage:

You can also install mini diary via appimage. Download mini diary from this download link in AppImage fle format.

Download Mini Diary

Then go to your download folder via terminal. for me its Downloads folder.

cd Downloads

Then run this command to make that file executable.

sudo chmod +x ~ Mini-Diary-2.5.6.AppImage

Then enter your Ubuntu password. After that run the below command to launch mini diary.

sudo ./Mini-Diary-2.5.6.AppImage
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