How to Check and Analyze Network Routing Tables in Ubuntu

Routing, the process of directing IP packets from one network point to another, is essential for effective communication across networks. Linux systems, including Ubuntu, manage this task through kernel structures known as routing tables, which contain information on how IP packets should be routed.

Commands for Viewing Routing Tables:

1. The netstat Command

The netstat command has traditionally been used to display routing table information in Linux. Despite being officially replaced by the ip route command, we include it here for reference.

netstat -rn

-r: Displays Kernel routing tables.
-n: Displays numerical addresses.

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netstat Command

2. The route Command

The route command, once widely employed for viewing routing tables, is now considered obsolete. The manual page for this command even acknowledges its replacement by the ip route command.

route -n

-n: Displays numerical addresses only.

The route Command

3. The ip route Command

The ip route command is the modern and recommended approach for accessing routing table information in Linux.

ip route

ip route Command


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