How to install Ommpfritt Vector Modelling on Ubuntu

Ommpfritt is a free and open source semantic, procedural, non-destructive vector modelling software for Linux,Windows and MacOS. Using this you can create and edit animated graphics, echnical drawings, diagrams and icons. It is released under open source GNU General Public License v3.0 License. You can save scenes in json format. It comes with Object, Tag, Style, Tool support. Using the internal python interpreter, you can change every property. Some other important features are dart theme support, multi-selection support, key binding, Keyframe Animation, Timeline and Dope Sheet support.

Ommpfritt Vector Modelling

Install Ommpfritt Vector Modelling on Ubuntu

You can install Ommpfritt Vector Modelling on Ubuntu via portable AppImage package. Go to the Ommpfritt Vector Modelling download page and download the latest Ommpfritt Vector Modelling in .AppImage file format.

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Download Ommpfritt Vector Modelling

Open your terminal app (Ctrl+Alt+T) navigate to your Ommpfritt Vector Modelling appimage file download folder. For me its my Downloads folder in ubuntu.

cd Downloads

Then type the below command in terminal and hit the enter key. It will change the Ommpfritt Vector Modelling appimage file to executable. Here “ommpfritt-06a64c5-x86_64.AppImage” is downloaded file name. you also need to enter your ubuntu password. You can change the below command based on your file name.

sudo chmod +x ~ ommpfritt-06a64c5-x86_64.AppImage

Then to launch the Ommpfritt Vector Modellingr app on Ubuntu run the below command.

sudo ./ommpfritt-06a64c5-x86_64.AppImage
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