How to install Moon Buggy On Ubuntu – Classic Command line Car Game

Moon Buggy is a very old classic terminal based Ascii game by Jochen Voss. It is based on old Moon Patrol (1982) arcade game. In Moon Buggy you need to drive a car across the moon’s dangerous craters by jumping over them. It is a easy to play but very addictive game. You just need to jump and fire with two key controls. Please check the game controls


y,SPC,RET:start game
q,n:abort game
c:show copyright
w:show warranty
s:show scores

Install Moon Buggy game on Ubuntu:

Moon Buggy comes as a snap package for ubuntu. So you can easily install it on Ubuntu. open your terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) and type the below command and hit enter.

sudo snap install moon-buggy

Then type your Ubuntu user password and hit the enter key. After the successful installation of Moon Buggy, run this command in terminal to play it.


Press the “y” key or space bar to start the game. Jump using “Space” key and fire using “a” key

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