How to install Glances on Ubuntu – System Monitoring Tool

Glances is a free and open source system monitoring tool for Linux, BSD, Mac OS and Windows. It is released under GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 license and written in Python. It shows CPU usage, Memory details, system Load, complete Process list, all network interface, IRQ, Raid and Disk I/O information, available sensors, your system filesystem details, system Uptime details and lot more. It also comes with build in XML-RPC server and a RESTful JSON API. Some other features are export system details to CSV, InfluxDB, Cassandra, OpenTSDB, StatsD, ElasticSearch and RabbitMQ.

Install Glances System Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu:

You can install Glances System Monitoring Tool via Glances auto install script. Open your terminal app (ctrl+Alt+T) and run this auto install command.

curl -L | /bin/bash

Then enter your password if needed. This will install all required dependencies and Glances System Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu. After the successful installation of Glances System Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu, in terminal run this command to start it.

sudo glances

you can also install it with below command.

wget -O- | /bin/bash

Install Glances via snap:

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In your terminal run this below snap installation command.

sudo snap install glances --edge

This will install the latest version of Glances System Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu. For the stable snap version, try this.

sudo snap install glances
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