How to install LambdaRogue game on Ubuntu

LambdaRogue is a free open source roguelike role playing game for Linux and Windows. This game come with story mode and coffeebreak mode. Story mode comes with chapters and quests and you need to find the book of stars and free and mankind. In coffeebreak mode without any story just go to dungeon and Defeat the evil Eris. Some of the main features are it comes with 4 professions and 5 religions, buy items in shop, hidden crystals and ASCII Mode gameplay. It is released under GPL v2 license. Some other roguelike games are Tales of Maj’Eyal, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup and Shattered Pixel Dungeon.


Install LambdaRogue roguelike role playing game on Ubuntu

You can install LambdaRogue roguelike role playing game via snap package manager on Ubuntu. First you need to open your ubuntu terminal app to install LambdaRogue via snap. Press Ctrl+Alt+T to start terminal. Then run the below snap LambdaRogue installation command.

sudo snap install lambdarogue --beta

If needed type you Ubuntu password. It will install the latest LambdaRogue roguelike role playing game on Ubuntu.
Then type and enter below command to start LambdaRogue game.


Note: You need the SDL 1.2 libraries installed on Ubuntu (SDL, SDL mixer, SDL image, smpeg). open Synaptic, search for “SDL” and tick the appropriate libraries.

You can also download from below link

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Download LambdaRogue

Download the Linux zip file and right click extract here. Then right click “lambdarogue” program file and select Run to start game.

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