How to install Dosbox-X on Ubuntu – DOS operating system emulator

Dosbox-X is a free and open source emulator software to emulates a computer running a DOS operating system. using this you can run original DOS programs, DOS PC games even though your new modern computers have dropped support for DOS. It covers all pre-2000 DOS and Windows 9x based hardwares, including peripherals, motherboards, CPUs, and all other old hardwares. Dosbox-X is a fort of popular DOS emulator DOSBox.

Install Dosbox-X on Ubuntu:

Dosbox-X DOS emulator is available as a snap package for ubuntu users. To install the latest version of Dosbox-X DOS emulator on your Ubuntu system, open your terminal app and type the below command and hit enter.

sudo snap install dosbox-x

when it ask for password, then type your Ubuntu password and press the enter key. It will install the latest version of Dosbox-X DOS emulator on Ubuntu system.

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After the successful installation of Dosbox-X DOS emulator, click the show applications in the Ubuntu Gnome dock and type Dosbox-X emulator in the search box and click Dosbox-X emulator to open it. For Unity you can search Dosbox-X emulator from Ubuntu dash.

If you want to test the latest development version of Dosbox-X emulator, then you can install it via the below command.

sudo snap install dosbox-x --edge
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