How to Install Fetch Master 6000 System Information Tool

Fetch Master 6000 is a free and open source comic strip Dilbert themed system information fetching tool for Linux and BSD. It is written in Perl and released under GPL-3.0 license. It comes with ASCII art of Dilbert, Alice, PHB, Wolf and Astronaut. You can also show any custom ascii art from any file. It is simple and easy to use tool and comes with very limited system details like OS name, kernel version, desktop environment name, shell name, uptime and number of packages.

Fetch Master 6000 fetch tool

Install Fetch Master 6000 on Ubuntu

Open the terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) and run below Fetch Master 6000 install script.

sh -c "$(curl" -- --install-path=/usr/bin --root

Fetch Master 6000 installation

During the installation press y and hit the enter key to confirm the script move to user/bin like above in image. After installation you can run below command.


You can also show custom message with the dilbert comic art.

fm6000 -say ""

Fetch Master 6000 fetch tool

You can also change the color like below command. For green color run below command.

fm6000 -color "green"

Fetch Master 6000 color

For the random color using below command.

fm6000 -color "random"

It supports black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, bright_black, bright_red, bright_green, bright_yellow, bright_blue, bright_magenta and bright_cyan colors.

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Run below commands to display Asok and Pointy haired Boss.

fm6000 -as
fm6000 -phb

Fetch Master 6000 new chracter

You can also display custom ASCII art from the file like below command.

fm6000 -f ascii_logo.txt

Fetch Master 6000 Available Options

Fetch Master 6000 help

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