How to install Sysdig on ubuntu – Troubleshooting and System Monitoring for Linux

Sysdig is a free open-source troubleshooting and system monitoring for Linux, Windows and Mac. You can use this tool for system level exploration like capture your system state and activity, then save, filter and analyze it. It is written it Lua language. It supports Docker, CoreOS and LXC container technologies. you can integrate Sysdig with ansible, puppet and logstash to extend the fuctionality. It allows you to find and analysis Linux server attacks. It comes in two forms like CLI and interactive UI.

Install Sysdig on Ubuntu:

Installation of Sysdig on ubuntu or any other Linux system is a easy process. Open your terminal app in Ubuntu. Then type the below command and hit the enter key.

curl -s | sudo bash

And then type your ubuntu password and hit the enter key.
After the successful installation of Sysdig on ubuntu restart your ubuntu, if you needed. And to open run Sysdig, run the below command in terminal.

sudo sysdig

Or you can also use the below command to get more useful interactive output.

sudo csysdig

For the complete working examples, please click here.

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