How to install Deno On Ubuntu & Fedora – Javascript and Typescript Runtime

Deno is a free and open source Javascript and Typescript runtime environment just like Node.js and from the same Node creator Ryan Dahl for Linux, macOS and Windows. It is released under MIT license and based on Rust, Tokio and V8 JavaScript engine. Some of the important features are remote script execution, No file, network, or environment access by default, standard module, browser support, WebAssembly support and built-in tooling support. The best thing is you don’t need any dependency on package managers or package registries.

Install Deno on Linux:

The installation process very simple. You can use this method for any other linux distro.Open your terminal and run this installation command.

sudo curl -fsSL | sh

After the installation close your terminal and re open again. To verify the installation run this command .


Note: If you are getting any error, then restart your pc. And after restart open terminal and run below commands to add path.

export DENO_INSTALL="/home/manikandan/.deno"
source ~/.profile

Then run below command


Run Demo:

deno run

If you are using PowerShell, then you can install Deno via the below command.

iwr -useb | iex

This is still in early stage. Deno manual

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