How to Hide full Post in WordPress RSS feed

In your WordPress site by default, it shows full post content in your RSS feed. It will help your site readers to read your post content via any RSS feed reader. But some times the website scrapers automatically fetch and scrap your post content and copy your full post articles. It will indirectly affect your google ranking. And making full text in your website feed also prevents your website RSS feed readers from visiting your website. It will decrease your website advertisement revenue.

To prevent these issues in your WordPress site you just need to change one setting in your WordPress Dashboard.

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Show Summary only in WordPress RSS Feed:

Login your wordpress admin dashboard and go to the settings menu from the left sidebar. Then select Reading menu.

Here you will find “For each post in a feed, include” option.

Just select “Summary” and then click on the save changes button. If you are using any cache plugin then just clear the cache.

Wordpress_Reading Setting


That’s it. Now your RSS feed only shows post article summary or Excerpts.

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