How to Hide Confidential files Inside Image Using Outguess in Ubuntu

Outguess is a free and open source steganographic tool for Linux. Using Outguess, you can hide your important and confidential files inside an image. Currently it supports PPM, PNM, and JPEG image formats. It inserts hidden information into the redundant bits of data sources. It comes with generic iterator object, statistics based on frequency counts, find the maximum message size and more.

How to Install Outguess on Ubuntu

To install the latest version of Outguess on Ubuntu, open the terminal command-line application using the ctrl+alt+t keys and run below Outguess apt install command.

sudo apt install outguess

After the installation run Outguess command in below format.

outguess -d secretmessage.txt image.jpg outputimage.jpg


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Hide file.txt inside rose.jpg file in your Home directory and save the output in a newly created outputrose.jpg image file. Here, the outputrose.jpg file is the one that has our confidential data.

outguess -d file.txt rose.jpg outputrose.jpg


Now to extract the data use below command in the terminal. Before to test the data extract, delete the file.txt files. Now run below command.

outguess -r outputrose.jpg file.txt

Outguess command

It will extract the file.txt from the outputrose.jpg image. Just check file.txt in your Home directory.

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