How to create your own Linux distro (Distribution)

Now create and download your own linux Distribution with SUSE Studio. SUSE Studio is a web service and allows you to create your own linux distro with customized logo, wallpaper and applications and features.

To get started

1.Go to suse studio Homepage  and sign in with a Novell, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, or Open ID account.

2.Type your display name,email and select user type. And click continue

3.Choose a base template,select your architecture and name your linux distro and click Create appliance button.

4.Click the “switch to the software tab to continue” or click the software tab

5.Add your favorite softwares and then click Configuration tab

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6.Add your logo and background and configure all other settings like username,password,startup,server.

7.Click the build tab select the format and click the build button.

8.After the sucessful build download or test drive your linux distro.

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