How to get a Verified Twitter Account

Now you can apply for the Verified Twitter status on your twitter account. Verified Twitter accounts allow people to identify key individuals and organizations on Twitter as authentic. This type of accounts are denoted by a blue badge icon.

twitter verfied account
If you want to get verified, please follow the below guide.

Your account must have a verified phone number, confirmed email address, profile and header photo, full bio, your website link, your birthday (only for individual) and your Tweets set as public in your twitter privacy settings.

Recommendations for individual person account:

Your account name must reflect your real or stage name.
Your profile and header photo must reflect you.
Twitter want to understand your impact in your field.
Your website URL must express the account holder’s newsworthiness or relevancy in their field.
legible copy of your government-issued ID (such as a passport or driver’s license) to confirm your identity.

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Recommendations for corporation or company account:

The account name must reflect the real name of the corporation or company.
Profile and header photo must reflect the corporation’s branding, or the company’s branding.
Email address associated with the the company account is a corporate or company email address.
Your company mission.

Verified Twitter Account application form

You will get the status of the application via email. You can also submit another request for the same account 30 days, if your request is denied.

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