How to Find Duplicate Files in Linux Using Rdfind

Rdfind is a free and open source command line duplication file finder application for Linux. Using Rdfind, you can compare and find duplicate files based on their content and not on file names. By default, the results are saved in the results.txt file in the same directory. You can also delete duplicate files and filter the output result.


How to Install Rdfind on Ubuntu

To install Rdfind on your Ubuntu Linux, run below command in the terminal (ctrl+alt+t) application.

sudo apt install rdfind

After the successful installation of Rdfind, run command in below format.

rdfind /home/username

Just replace username with your real username, like below

rdfind /home/manikandan
rdfind /home/manikandan/Downloads

Find results.txt file in your Home directory, to check the results.

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If you want to delete the duplicate files, then

rdfind -deleteduplicates true /home/manikandan

For the Rdfind help and usage details, run below commands.

rdfind -h
man rdfind
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