How to install Lantern on ubuntu to access blocked websites

Lantern is a free desktop application for Linux, Windows, Mac and Android. Using Lantern you can secure access to the Internet for users in censored regions and it is not an anonymity tool. According to Lantern, it automatically detects whether or not a site is blocked in your connection and then accesses the blocked site either through their own servers or through users running as access points. It encrypts all of your traffic when you are accessing a blocked site. Currently the free account comes with 500MB/Month.



Install Lantern on Ubuntu Linux

Go to the Lantern website and download the the latest version of lantern in .deb file and save it on your Downloads folder. Open the terminal command-line application (ctrl+alt+t) and run below command to install the downloaded deb file.

sudo apt install ./Downloads/lantern-installer-64-bit.deb

Here “lantern-installer-64-bit.deb” is the downloaded file name.

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You can open it from the applications menu.

Lantern top control

To close the lantern, click the Lantern icon from top menu bar and click the Quit lantern.

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