How to check No-Follow and Do-Follow blog using firefox

1.Download NoDoFollow plugin from here
2.Install it and restart firefox
3.If you want to check a blog is do-follow or no-follow, right click on any part of your webpage
in firefox and click NoDoFollow. Do-Follow links turns BLUE and No-Follow turns RED.

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  1. Clommo Trust

    I`am using firefox version 6, is there a way to make it works?

  2. Carmen Brodeur

    I just upgraded to Firefox 5.0 and now it won’t work. What can I use with Firefox 5.0?

  3. Bob

    Thank’s, it is a very useful thing. I will come back to your blog. Take care !

  4. FeatherDev

    Im sorry, but its doese not work in FireFox 4.0!

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