NoDoFollow Add-on for Firefox 6 , firefox 7 and firefox 8

NoDoFollow 1.1 by zacharyfox is not available for firefox 6. Jayce from changed the installer to make it works on Firefox 6, firefox 7, firefox 8.

1.Download new NoDoFollow 1.5 plugin by Jayce from here

2.Install it and restart firefox.

3.If you want to check a blog is do-follow or no-follow, right click on any part of your webpage in firefox and click NoDoFollow. Do-Follow links turns BLUE and No-Follow turns RED.

NoDoFollow 1.5 plugin source

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  1. carolm

    This is weird – I thought I’d just posted a Comment here saying how grateful I was for the link to the Firefox addon donofollow. But now I don’t see it any more.

    So….I’ll try again…thanks Jayce – a brilliant addon!

  2. Sandy

    I like this plugin so much. Is there any update for firefox 10?


    1. admin

      also works with firefox 10

  3. micah

    the link isnt working please fix it

    1. admin


  4. wokaway

    I like more noDofollow for firefox than noDofollow for Chrome because you can activate/deactivate whenever you want and you can see dofollowed links much easily. With Chrome it’s stays activated all the time and i don’t like how it highlight nodofollowed links with a line on them.

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