Google’s new rendering engine Blink

Google announced that it is forking the WebKit rendering engine and moving on from WebKit in future versions

of Chrome.The forked new rendering engine is Blink.

From blink developer faq
“There are two main reasons why we’re making this change.

The main reason is that Chromium uses a different multi-process architecture than other WebKit-based browsers. So, over the years, supporting multiple architectures has led to increasing complexity for both the WebKit and Chromium communities, slowing down the collective pace of innovation.

In addition, this gives us an opportunity to do open-ended investigations into other performance improvement strategies. We want web applications to be as fast as possible. So for example, we want to make as many of the browser’s duties run in parallel, so we can keep the main thread free for your application code. We’ve already made significant progress here–for example by reducing the impact JavaScript and layout has on page scrolling, and making it so an increasing number of CSS animations can run at 60fps even while JavaScript is doing some heavy-lifting–but this is just the start.”

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