Fx Terminal JSON Viewer

Fx is a free and open source command line JSON viewer application for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Using Fx, you can view and interact with your JSON data. It comes with mouse support, streaming and theme support and it preserves key order and big numbers. It is written in Go and released under MIT License. It comes with reducer and interactive viewer.

Fx JSON Viewer

Download Fx

How to install Fx JSON viewer on Ubuntu

To install Fx JSON viewer on Ubuntu, run below Fx snap install command on your terminal (ctrl+alt+t) application.

sudo snap install fx

After the successful installation of Fx, you can open the JSON file like below command. Just replace manikandan.json with your file. Below command will open the “manikandan.json” from my Home directory.

fx manikandan.json

For the complete usage details, run below command.

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