Flowblade Non Linear Video Editor For Linux

Flowblade is a free and open source multi track non-linear video editor software for Linux. It provides a film-style insert editing model and its main goal is to provide fast, precise and robust editing experience to Linux users. It comes with 3 move tools and 3 trim tools and 4 methods to insert or overwrite the clips on the timeline. In timeline you can Drag and Drop clips. Clip and compositor parenting with other clips and hereere you can combine maximum 9 video and audio tracks. It comes with JKL playback.


It comes with more that 50 image filters and more than 30 audio filters. Some available audio filters are Bandpass, Chorus, Declipper, Delayorama, Equalize – DJ 3-band, Multiband, Flanger – DJ, Frequency Shift – Bode/Moog, GSM Simulator, Highpass – Butterworth, Lowpass – Butterworth, Noise Gate, Rate Shifter, Signal Shifter, Vinyl Effect.

Flowblade offers a dedicated Batch Render Queue application that is a separate process and does not interfere with editing work.It supports most common video and audio formats and comes with number of preset render options.For the complete list of features click here.

Download Flowblade

How to Install Flowblade Video Editor on Ubuntu Linux

You can download Flowblade in .deb package file format from the above download link and save it on your Downloads folder. The downloaded file size is around 8MB. Open the terminal command-line application (ctrl+alt+t) and run below Flowblade apt install command.

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Note: Here “flowblade-” is the downloaded file name. You can change below command based on your downloaded file name.

sudo apt install ./Downloads/flowblade-

After the installation you can run Flowblade from the show applications menu.

You can also uninstall Flowblade Video Editor via below command.

sudo apt remove flowblade

Install Flowblade via Flatpak:

First install flatpak and flathub on your system and restart it after the installation.

After that in terminal app run below Flowblade flatpak install command.

flatpak install flathub io.github.jliljebl.Flowblade

And you can open Flowblade flatpak app using below command.

flatpak run io.github.jliljebl.Flowblade

And uninstall it using below command.

sudo flatpak uninstall io.github.jliljebl.Flowblade

That’s it.

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