Diff-so-fancy Command line File Comparison Application

Diff-so-fancy is a free and open source file comparison application for Linux and Windows. Using diff-so-fancy, you can spot changes much easier because of colorful highlighting. It gives you better looking diffs for comparing strings, files, directories and git changes. It is released under MIT License and written in Perl.


Download Diff-so-fancy

How to Install diff-so-fancy on Ubuntu

To install Diff-so-fancy on Ubuntu Linux run below snap install command in the terminal application, it will install the latest version of Diff-so-fancy on your system.

sudo snap install diff-so-fancy

Install diff-so-fancy via PPA

Diff-so-fancy is also available as a Ubuntu PPA. In the terminal app (ctrl+alt+t), run below commands one by one. It will add Diff-so-fancy PPA and install it on your system. Confirm the addition and installation during the installation.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aos1/diff-so-fancy
sudo apt update
sudo apt install diff-so-fancy

Diff-so-fancy usage:

You can use diff-so-fancy on unified diff output like below. just replace file.txt and file.html with your files.

diff -u file.txt file.html | diff-so-fancy

It also supports the recursive mode, like below

diff -r -u folder_a folder_b | diff-so-fancy

You can check the the recommended colors

diff-so-fancy --colors

Diff-so-fancy colors

For the complete usage details run below command.

$ diff-so-fancy --h
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