CQtDeployer Deployment Utility for C++ Qt QML Applications

CQtDeployer is a free and open source deployment application for Windows, MacOS and Linux. It helps to extract all libraries executable depends on and to create a launch script for the application. It supports flags to configure the deployment, up to 10 seconds faster deployment according to qt and fast installers creation your distribution. Currently it supports Qt4, Qt5 and Qt6.


Download CQtDeployer

CQtDeployer Documentation

Install CQtDeployer on Ubuntu Linux

CQtDeployer is available as a snap and deb package files for Ubuntu. Open the terminal command-line application and run below CQtDeployer snap installation command. It will install the latest version of CQtDeployer on your system.

sudo snap install cqtdeployer

After the installation run below commands one by one to allow access to system libraries, enable all permissions for cqtdeployer.

sudo snap connect cqtdeployer:process-control
sudo snap connect cqtdeployer:removable-media
sudo snap connect cqtdeployer:system-backup

Install CQtDeployer vis DEB:

Download CQtDeployer in deb package file and save in your Downloads folder. Open the terminal app and run below command to install CQtDeployer.

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Here “CQtDeployer_1.5.4.14_Linux_x86_64.deb” is the downloaded file name. You can change it based on your file name.

sudo apt install ./Downloads/CQtDeployer_1.5.4.14_Linux_x86_64.deb


sudo apt install ./Downloads/CQtDeployer*.deb

Example Usage:

cqtdeployer -bin myApp -qmake /media/D/Qt/6.0.0/gcc_64/bin/qmake -qmlDir ./

That’s all.

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