ClipAngel Clipboard Manager Software

ClipAngel is a free clipboard manager for Windows. Using ClipAngel you can capture many clipboard objects and select and paste one in any program. Just copy anything and you can find it in your ClipAngel application. It supports text, html, rtf, file, image file formats in clipboard. It sender window title and process name for clip and shows source URL for HTML clip. It saves all the clipboard history even if the computer crashes.



It comes with some useful filter features like Filter by marks, clip type, and filter using keyboard shortcuts and text filter for clip list. It also stores last used text filters. Some other popular features are search, Drag&Drop support, Tooltip, Translate text, marking and History is stored encrypted on disk.

Download ClipAngel

You can download ClipAngel from the above download link. The downloaded file size is around 3M and in zip file format. Just extract it and click the “ClipAngel.exe” file to open ClipAngel Clipboard Manager application. It is a portable application and you don’t need to install it.
Note: Requires .Net Framework 4.52+ (Windows Vista+/Server 2008+)

Just copy anything like text from a desktop word file or from a website and you will see it in the ClipAngel instantly. You can compare, delete and edit you clipboard. You can also paste the clipboard content directly to any application.

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ClipAngel settings

In the settings option you can set Max clip size KB, History depth number, Hotkey to open window with reset and Hotkey to incremental paste and word wrap, fonts and Text compare with support for Beyond Compare, ExamDiff Pro, WinMerge, Araxis Merge, DiffMerge, KDiff3 and custom application.

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