MultiPar Parchive Tool

MultiPar is a free and open source file and folder protection application for Windows. Using this application you can safeguard your data from threats including accidental deletion, download errors, software glitches, viruses, and malicious tampering, MultiPar ensures the integrity of your files and folders remains intact. With MultiPar, you can perform file verification, corrections, error detection, and recovery effortlessly. This includes safeguarding against hardware failures and protecting your data from various forms of corruption that could disrupt your workflow.


Additionally, MultiPar enables you to create archives, facilitating file integrity checks and restoration of damaged documents whenever necessary. Adding files for protection in MultiPar is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface supporting drag and drop functionality. Moreover, MultiPar allows you to customize file sizes and split them into multiple blocks to suit your specific needs.

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Key Features of MultiPar:

It restores damaged data, ensuring data integrity and minimizing downtime.
Recovers lost, deleted, or destroyed data, providing peace of mind in data recovery scenarios.
Optimized for multicore CPUs and GPU acceleration, ensuring efficient performance even with intensive tasks.
Supports PAR1, PAR2, and PAR3 formats, offering flexibility and compatibility with various systems.
Intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) and Console options cater to diverse user preferences, ensuring ease of use across different environments.

MultiPar provides the tools you need to keep your files secure and accessible at all times.

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