Broot – Command line Tree view File Navigation Manager – Install Broot on ubuntu

Broot is a free and open source tree view command-line interactive directory navigation file manager for Linux, MacOS and Windows. Running broot on your terminal, you can get the tree overview of your system directory. It also comes with fuzzy search filter to easily search and find your files. You can also open files with their default programs. Some other features are panels, add shortcut to a file, find what files or folders take space on your system and check git statuses. You can also navigate and open files with your mouse. It is released under MIT License.

Install Broot on ubuntu

Download Broot pre-compiled linux binaries from the below download link. Click the x86_64-linux files and save it on your Downloads folder.

Download Broot

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Then open the terminal (ctrl+alt+t) app and run below commands one by one to install broot on your system. if needed enter your ubuntu password.

cd Downloads
sudo chmod +x ~ broot
sudo install broot /usr/local/bin
broot --install

Restart your terminal app (close and open again ) and then run below command to start Broot.


You can use the Up and Down arrow keys to navigate and Enter key to select and open it. Esc key to get back to the previous state. Press ctrl + -> keys to open in new panel.

View file and directory size:

br --sizes

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