Add a favicon to your WordPress blog or any other web site

This quick tutorial will help you add a favicon to your WordPress blog or any other web site.
A favicon is a small 16 x 16 pixels square and the file name should be favicon.ico.
There are so many online services that will allow you to create a favicon for free or try some freeware programs,such as irfanview,Iconedit32.
Creating a Favicon:
1.Edit your favicon image using your favorite image editor.
2.Resize it to 16X16 pixels.
3.Convert it to .ico it to favicon.ico
Installing a Favicon:

Simply upload the file, favicon.ico to the root web directory of your hosted website with your favorite FTP program.
Under normal circumstances your favicon should already be appearing to your visitors (this may require a clearing of browser cache first).
most browsers will automatically detect the image.

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