Yakblt Bullet Dodging and Shooting Game

Yakblt is a free and open source bullet dodging, shooting and survivor game for Linux. In this game you can rotate the airplane using the mouse position and move it using W,A,S,D keys and attack by pressing down the left mouse button. This is simple but addictive game. You can save the score and it comes with scene graph and grid spatial partitioning feature. This game is written in C++ and released under open source MIT License.


Install Yakblt game on Ubuntu Linux

Yakblt is available as flatpak package from flathub. You need to install flatpak and flathub on your system first. If you already have then just skip it and directly install Yakblt using below commands otherwise first install flatpak/flathub and restart your system.

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How to install flatpak and flathub

In terminal application (ctrl+alt+t) run below Yakblt flatpak install command.

flatpak install flathub org.kosmospredanie.Yakblt

After that run below command to start Yakblt.

flatpak run org.kosmospredanie.Yakblt

You can uninstall Yakblt via

sudo flatpak uninstall org.kosmospredanie.Yakblt

That’s it.

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