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WP Performance Score Booster is a free wordpress plugin from Dipak C. Gajjar. This plugin improves your wordpress website score in the services like PageSpeed and YSlow.

How to increase and improve your website performance

Resources with a “?” in the URL are not cached by some proxy caching servers.Because of this you need to remove the query string and encode the parameters into the URL.This WP Performance Score Booster plugin will remove the query strings from your static resources like CSS & JS files.

It will also enables the GZIP compression.In Gzip compression technique, it locates similar strings within a text file (html, javascript, css, xml) and replaces those strings temporarily to make the overall file size smaller. Gzip compression reduce the size of files sent from your server by 70%. It also adds the Vary: Accept-Encoding header in your website to increase your site speed.

It will set the expires caching in your wordpress website.Browser cache stores commonly used files from your website on your visitors browser and because of this it reduces the load on your web server.

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How to install WP Performance Score Booster on your wordpress website.

Login to your wordpress admin dashboard. (wp-admin).
In your wordpress admin dashboard click plugins and select Add New.

plugins add new
Type WP Performance Score Booster in the search field and press the enter key.

add WP Performance Score Booster
CLick the Install Now button in WP Performance Score Booster.

WP Performance Score Booster
After the successfully Installation click the activate Plugin link to activate the plugin.

Go to Settings and select WP Performance Score Booster to configure WP Performance Score Booster plugin.

WP Performance Score Booster  1

There are three options available. select all and hit the Save Changes button. That’s all. now check your website score.

WP Performance Score Booster Home page

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