Vivaldi browser Snapshot released

Vivaldi browser Snapshot is now available for download and testing. What’s new in this Snapshot?

Tiling of tabs – now tile both vertically and horizontally.
Tile as a grid.
Now add more than one attachment to a note.
Browse local images.
Fast forward now works for folders on your hard drive with images.
Access local-disk using platform paths.
Improved spatial navigation, also added live indexing.

Using active tab color for progressbar
fullscreen with bookmark bar visible takes long time
Content lost in address field after switch to another tab.
Autoupdate needs to pass install directory to installer.
notes deletion via context menu
notes URL http injection fixed
updating tiled view on closed page
Move addressbar out of webpage stack
Disk URLs do not work
When closed the last active tab, browser is closing
Default keyboard shortcut update mess

Download Vivaldi browser Snapshot [Direct links]

32-bit Windows

64-bit Windows

32-bit Linux DEB

64-bit Linux DEB

32-bit Linux RPM

64-bit Linux RPM


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