Vivaldi browser Snapshot released

Vivaldi browser Snapshot is now available for download and testing. What’s new in this Snapshot?

vivaldi browser

Improved performance on startup as well as Speed Dials.
Support data import from Opera 15+ and the Yandex browser.
Tiling of Windows.  Added tiling of tabs with in a tab group.
Alternate Linux window controls.
Import history & chrome process detection.
Added tab selection tiling.
Image control now also controls plugins.
Mouse gestures with “open new tab”.
Tweaked the progress indicator on background tabs.
Updated Start page style got.
Added an option to move the Window control to the left to swap Vivaldi menu for Linux users.

ignore shift-arrow if selecting text.
notes URL http injection.
issue with rel not working.
Import from other browser than Chrome fixed.
Page is shown too late when loaded from speeddial.
Check for updates does not work from the horizontal menu.
Changing tabs to left side of the window and opening a new tab crashes.
Url does not appear immidietly when opening link in new tab or window.
Reopen tab when closing on Mac.
Make an option to not show full screen message.
Update error on manual checking with 133.12 on XPVB-4674 History imported from chrome does not appear in url-complete lis.

Download Vivaldi browser Snapshot [Direct links]

32-bit Windows

64-bit Windows

32-bit Linux DEB

64-bit Linux DEB

32-bit Linux RPM

64-bit Linux RPM


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