TED Notepad – free light-weight notepad alternative

TED Notepad is a free easy to use but feature rich text editor for Windows. It comes with simple UI without any toolbars, sidebars and fancy gadgets and 368 text-processing functions some advanced powerful features to save your time. Some of the important features are Word auto-completion, line auto-completion, duplicate portions of lines in coding and HTML/XML Tag generator.

You can download TED Notepad as a installer or download the portable version. The downloaded portable file size is less the 300 KB.

In TED Notepad, you can view the line numbers, Favorites and Recent files. Some other features are multi-level undo and redo, INI file settings, auto-recognition of UTF-8 files and auto-save, recovery and backups of files. You can set your favorite fonts and background colors in this text editor. And create template file for new documents to easy your work.

Another important feature in this TED Notepad is auto-copy to clipboard and you can store 9 permanent clipboards to save your content. It also comes with some advanced searching and replacing feature. Using this you can search for two things at the same time. Some other search features are Find Selected, Find Later, Select to Next, Search and Last Tool and Second search.

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Some other useful tools are Text case conversions, Remove Empty Lines, Collapse Empty Lines, Unique lines, Count the Duplicates, Sorting, Translate Characters, Word Wrapping, Extract Words and Filters/Viewers.

Download TED Notepad

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