Secrets Password Manager Application

Secrets is a free and open source password manager software for Linux. Using Secrets you can create or import KeePass password databases. It supports AES 256-bit, Twofish 256-bit and ChaCha20 256-bit encryption algorithms and Argon2 KDBX4, AES-KDF KDBX 3.1 derivation algorithms. You can add attachments, assign a color and icon, add attributes and url, set expiration date in your password entries. It also comes with powerful strong password generator, two-factor authentication, inactivity lock and a option to set password or keyfile or both to your safe.

Secrets Password Manager

Install Secrets on Ubuntu Linux

Secrets Password Manager is available as a flatpak package from flathub. Install flatpak and flathub on your system and restart it. If you already have then skip it. Now open the terminal command line application (ctrl+alt+t) and run below Secrets flatpak installation command.

flatpak install flathub org.gnome.World.Secrets

It will install the latest version of Secrets on your system . Now you can open it via below command or via applications menu.

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Secrets Password Manager app

flatpak run org.gnome.World.Secrets

And you can also uninstall Secrets via below command.

Secrets Password Manager soft

sudo flatpak uninstall org.gnome.World.Secrets

That’s all.

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