Remove Search Results from Google that Contain Your Personal Information

Now you can easily remove your personal data like phone number, home address, email, card number or any other right from your android phone. Google just added new Results about you tool in your profile.

Remove your personal information from Google

How to remove your personal information from Google

Method 1:

Open the Google app on Android and click the profile picture.
You will get the “Results about you” menu.
Here you will get the results and request Google to remove Search results options.
Select the result menu and “Remove result” option appearing at the bottom of your screen and complete the process.

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You can also monitor the progress of a removal from Results about you.

Method 2:

Go to the below link and start the process. Here you can remove government identification (ID) numbers, Bank account and Credit card numbers, personal contact info, login credentials and some other detail

Google Personal Identifiable Information Removal Request

You will get a notification of any action taken via email.

For more details click here


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