Java SE 8 Released

Java SE 8 is now available for download.What’s new in this version?

Lambda Expressions.
Method references provide easy-to-read lambda expressions for methods that already have a name.
Default methods enable new functionality to be added to the interfaces of libraries and ensure binary compatibility with code written for older versions of those interfaces.
Repeating Annotations
Type Annotations
Improved type inference.
Method parameter reflection.
The JDBC-ODBC Bridge has been removed.
JDBC 4.2 introduces new features.
JDK 8 includes Java DB 10.10.
DK 8 includes Java Mission Control 5.3.
Enhanced text support including bi-directional text and complex text scripts such as Thai and Hindi in controls, and multi-line, multi-style text in text nodes.
Support for Kerberos 5 Protocol Transition and Constrained Delegation.

Complete change log

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Download Java SE 8

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