Inverter Buying Guide

A inverter is a electronic device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The inverter with battery stores electricity and during a power outage the inverter converts the stored DC power from the battery into AC and gives the power to your home.

Inverter Buying Guide 2021 – How to choose the best inverter

Calculate your Power Requirement:

First you need to calculate your power requirement that how much backup you want or how many appliances you want to support. Bigger appliances require high power requirement.

Appliance Power Consumption in Watts
Television 130
Fan 90
Tube light 40
CFL 20
LED bulb 7
PC Computers 150-250
Mixer 400

Now calculate. For example if you want 2 fans, 1 tv, 3 tube lights, 3 led, 3 cfl and one computer to run, then (2*90+130+3*40+3*20+3*7+250 =761). So you need a inverter which can support 761 watts. These above values are approximate. If you want the correct value then check with your appliances.

Inverter capacity calculator:

The inverter capacity is measured in VA (Volt Ampere).

Total Load / Power Factor = The inverter capacity

For example: 761/0.8 = 951.25 VA
Here Power Factor is 0.8

So you need to better consider more than 951.25 VA inverter to support your power requirement.

Types of inverters

3 types of inverters are available in market. Pure sine wave, Modified Sine Wave and Square Wave Inverter.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Most of our electrical appliances are compatible for operation on sine waves. Safety of appliances is high and little noise. Cost of this type of inverter is little high.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter
Between pure sine wave and square wave. It can reduce the efficiency of the device but modified sine wave inverters are affordable.

Square Wave Inverter
Not all electrical appliances work with these and cheapest. Safety of appliances is less and noise level is high.

It is better to select a sine wave inverter for your home.

Best Inverter brands

The famous inverter brands are Luminous, Microtek and Exide.

Best Pure Sinewave Inverter

1. Luminous Volt + 850

Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Capacity 700 VA, Rated Power 588W W
Supports single battery
24 Month Warranty
ECO Mode & UPS mode
Supports wide battery range, i.e. Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)

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2. Luminous Zelio+ 1100

Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Capacity 900 VA, Rated Power 756W
Supports single battery
24 Month Warranty
LED Display
Supports wide battery range, i.e. Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)

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3.Luminous Zelio 1700i with i-Control

Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Capacity 1500 VA, Rated Power 1260W
Supports Double Battery
24 Month Warranty
Bluetooth connectivity with Android & iOS App monitoring & Control
LED Display
Supports a wide battery range, i.e. Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)

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4. Microtek UPS SW EB 900

Pure sine Sine wave
Capacity800 VA / 640 Watts
1 Battery System
Warranty 2 Years

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Best Square Wave Inverter

1. Luminous ECO WATT+ 750

Square Wave Technology
Capacity : 700 VA Rate Output Power : 588 W
Supports Flat Plate, Tubular, VRLA & Local Battery type

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2.Microtek UPS EB 1700VA 24V

TPZi Square Wave form
Capacity 1600 VA / Output Power 1275 Watts
2 Battery System (24VDC)
Warranty 2 Years

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