Inverter Battery Buying Guide

Inverter Battery is the life of an inverter power system. You need to choose correct best battery to increase the performance and lifetime of an inverter system. You need to consider their size, capacity, quality, and storage power during the battery purchase. In this inverter battery buying guide i will help you in buying the best battery for your Inverter.

Best Inverter Battery buying guide 2021

Calculate Inverter Battery Capacity:

The Inverter Batteries are available in the market commonly with capacity of 100 Ah,120Ah, 150 Ah and 180 Ah. So how to decide which one do you need?. The formula for Battery capacity is

Battery capacity = Power requirement (watts) x Back up hours (hrs) / Battery Voltage (volts)

Example: If you need a battery that provides back up for 2 hours and your Power Requirement is 761 watts, then

Best Inverter Buying Guide

Battery Capacity = (761 * 2) / 12 = 127 Ah

Here Battery voltage for single battery is 12V

Therefore you need a battery with a capacity of 150 Ah ( higher than 127 Ah)

Type Of Battery

Most common types of inverter batteries are Tubular Battery, Flat Plate Battery and Sealed Maintenance Free Battery.

Tubular Battery

Longer battery life – around five years.
Less maintenance. ( Top up with distilled water )
Releases harmful gases.

Flat Plate Battery

Battery life – around three years.
Less maintenance. ( Top up with distilled water )
less Expensive.
Releases harmful gases.

Sealed Maintenance Free VRLA Battery

Battery life – around three to four years.
Do not require any maintenance.

Note: The tubular batteries are recommended and the most popular of the three.

Best Inverter Battery brands

The famous Inverter Battery brands are Luminous, Amaron and Exide.

How to Choose Best Inverter Battery

Select long battery warranty.
Select good Inverter Battery brands and avoid cheap local battery manufacturers.
High capacity and good quality inverter battery can give great backup time.
Tubular batteries are recommended.

If you are looking for buying an Inverter Battery, then we will help you choose the correct one. Here, are some batteries on Amazon that we highly recommend.

Tubular Inverter Battery

1.Luminous RedCharge RC18000 150 Ah

150 Ah capacity, 12V
Tubular battery
Warranty: 36 months

Check Price

2.Luminous ILTT 18048N 150Ah

150 Ah capacity, 12V
Tubular battery
Warranty: 60 months

Check Price

3.Luminous ILTT 24060 180Ah

180 Ah capacity, 12V
Tubular battery
Warranty: 60 months

Check Price

4.Luminous Inverlast ILTT 26060 220 Ah

220 Ah capacity, 12V
Tubular battery
Warranty: 60 months

Check Price

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