Best Microphone Buying Guide

Microphone or mic is a transducer device that converts sound into an electrical signal. In this article you are going to learn how to choose the right mic for your recording and all basics about different types of microphones and their characteristics.


Mic Buying Guide 2021

The first step when buying any microphone is to analyze exactly what is needed.

Types of Microphones:

Dynamic microphones – Best for live performances and stage vocals. Operate without a power source.
Condenser microphones – Best for home recording and internet content creators. Need a battery or power supply.
USB microphones – Best for podcasters and other internet content creators. Need a power supply.


Next important thing is the directionality of the microphone. when buying a microphone consider the directionality of the microphone.

Cardioid — This type of Mic picks up mostly what’s in front of it, with very little from the side, and nothing from the back.
Omnidirectional — Records everything in a 360-degree radius.
Unidirectional – Pic sound arriving from directly in front.
Bi-directional — It picks up what’s in front of it and behind it equally, and nothing from the sides.

Best Dynamic Microphones 2021

Maono AU-WDM01 Professional Microphone

Sennheiser XS-1 Microphone

Audio-Technica MB-2K Microphone

Shure SM48-LC Microphone

Shure SM7B Microphone

Best Condenser Microphones 2021

Boya BYM1 Microphone

JBL CSLM20B Microphone

Maono AU-A03 Microphone set

Best USB Microphones 2021

Blue Yeti USB Mic

MAONO AU-GM10 Microphone

COOL COLD Microphone

Fifine T669 Microphone

Congo Professional Microphone

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