How to setup Firefox Sync

Firefox Sync is a service that lets you synchronize your add-ons, bookmarks, history, passwords, preferences
and open tabs across multiple devices.

Main features:

Sync add-ons,bookmarks,passwords,preferences,history and tabs.
encrypts your data with a local key.

To setup Firefox Sync:

1.Open firefox browser.

2.Click the firefox menu and select Options menu item or select Set Up Sync..


3.Then click the Sync pane and click the Set Up Firefox Sync link.


4.Click Create a New Account button.


5.Fill all details and select Firefox Sync Server (or your own server) to store date.


6.Click the Sync Options button to select the type of data.

4 done and then Next.


8.Open the Sync menu from options and save your recovery key.


Note:You can’t access your stored data without your recovery key after reformatting all paired

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