How to Monitor Memory Usage using Smem

Smem is a free and open source memory usage reporting application for Linux. It can report proportional set size (PSS) and Resident set size (RSS). It comes with built-in chart generation, overview listing, listings and filtering by process mapping and user based, multiple data sources support, configurable output units, reading live data from proc and directory mirrors, capture tool and many more.

How to Install Smem on Ubuntu

To install the latest version of Smem on your Ubuntu Linux system, run below command in the terminal application.

sudo apt install smem -y

After the installation, to view the memory usage by processes started by user run below command.


For the whole system run below command.

sudo smem

Smem memory app

For the complete usage and help run below command.

smem -h

To view system wide memory consumption, run below command:

sudo smem -w

Smem w

To view memory usage on a per-user basis, run

sudo smem -u

Smem u

To memory usage in percentages,

sudo smem -p

Smem p

To Output pie chart showing processes and their memory consumption based on PSS or RSS values, run below command.

sudo smem --userfilter="root" --pie name -s pss

Smem chart

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