How to install Stress Terminal UI s-tui on Ubuntu – Best terminal CPU monitoring tool

Stress Terminal UI (s-tui) is a free terminal based CPU monitoring tool for Linux. using this you can view and monitor the CPU temperature, frequency and utilization in a graphical way right from your terminal app. it also shows the CPU performance dips caused by thermal throttling in your PC. It is written in Python.

Install Stress Terminal UI s-tui on Ubuntu:

Open the terminal app in Ubuntu and run (type and press enter key) the below command.

sudo pip install s-tui

Type your Ubuntu password. Then press the enter key. To run Stress Terminal UI on ubuntu, type the below command in terminal and hit the enter key.

sudo s-tui

You can install Stress by using the command, if you would like to stress test your computer.

sudo apt-get install stress

You can also install Stress Terminal UI s-tui via PPA. (outdated & some features will not work)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:amanusk/python-s-tui
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-s-tui


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