How to install Productivity Timer on Ubuntu – Time Management App

Productivity Timer is a free and open source time management software for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Using this app you can manage your time effectively and give some relax to your eyes. It uses the Pomodoro Technique to improve your focus and productivity. It comes with standard 25 minutes Pomodoro timer and 5 minutes break. But you can set your own custom time, break and session rounds. Some other important features are you can set this app to always on top, show notification on desktop and full screen break. It comes with keyboard shortcuts, runs On background and dark mode support.

Install Productivity Timer Time Management App on Ubuntu:

You can install Productivity Timer Time Management App via the deb package file and snap.

Install Productivity Timer via deb:

Download Productivity Timer

Download the latest version of Productivity Timer from the above download link and save it on your Downloads folder. Here the downloaded file name is “productivity-timer_1.0.6_amd64.deb” . You can change the below commands based on your file name. Open your terminal app (ctrl+alt+t) and run this command.

cd Downloads

Then run this command to install Productivity Timer Time Management App.

sudo dpkg -i productivity-timer_1.0.6_amd64.deb

Enter your Ubuntu password. Then run this command to install the missing dependencies.

sudo apt-get install -f

This will install the Productivity Timer Time Management App on Ubuntu. click the show applications button in your Ubuntu Gnome dock and type Productivity Timer in the search box and click Productivity Timer to open it.

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Install Productivity Timer via snap:

In your terminal app run this below Productivity Timer snap installation command.

sudo snap install productivity-timer --beta

If needed enter your Ubuntu user password. That’s it.

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