How to Install MoneyManager Ex MMEX on Ubuntu

MoneyManager Ex (mmex) is a free and open source personal finance manager software for Linux, Windows, MacOS and Android. Using this you can track the money and organize all finance related data. Some of the important features are budgeting and cash flow forecasting and you can set reminders for recurring bills and deposits. You can see the reports in graphs and pie charts. It is possible to import data from CSV and QIF file formats. It comes with checking, assets accounts, credit card, savings and stock investment support, multiple currencies support, file attachment support.

MoneyManager Ex MMEX

Download MoneyManager Ex [Windows, MacOS]

Install Money Manager Ex on Ubuntu

You can install the latest MoneyManager Ex via this flatpak install command.

flatpak install flathub org.moneymanagerex.MMEX

After the successfull installation of MoneyManager Ex, you can run below command to open it.

flatpak run org.moneymanagerex.MMEX


Note: If you don’t have flatpak and flathub on your system, then first install using below link and restart your system after the installation.

Install flatpak and flathub on Ubuntu

Install Money Manager Ex via Snap:

You can also install the Money Manager Ex personal finance manager software on Ubuntu via snap package manger. First open your Ubuntu terminal app. To open it press (ctrl+alt+t) keys together. Then type the below Money Manager Ex snap installation command on Ubuntu terminal. And hit the enter key.

sudo snap install mmex

If needed then enter your Ubuntu user password on terminal. it will install the latest stable version of Money Manager Ex personal finance manager on your Ubuntu system.

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If you want to test the latest development version of Money Manager Ex, the run this command to install it.

sudo snap install mmex --edge

You can open it by clicking the show apps in the Ubuntu dock and type Money Manager Ex in the search box and click Money Manager Ex to open it. or simply run this command in terminal.

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  1. Primo Giusti

    I had already installed Money Manager EX ( MMEX – an older version) via the snap app and it was working, sort of. I checked for an update via snap – no update. I went to the MMEX website, found the updated version, downloaded it and attempted to install it but kept getting a “missing dependencies” error… WHAT DEPENDENCIES?? Now the original install will not work. I tried removing and re-installing with the same result. I tried a command line install using sudo commands (followed all steps and commands listed) found online and it says there is no mmex package found. FRUSTRATED new Ubuntu 22.04/Linux user.

    1. Manikandan

      Try to remove all versions (snap and deb) and restart your PC. Now install using snap.

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