How to Install Enlightenment Desktop in Ubuntu

Enlightenment is a free open-source Window Manager, Compositor, and Minimal Desktop for Linux, BSD, and other compatible UNIX systems, offers a unique and visually appealing user interface. While the project primarily supports X11, it also features experimental Wayland support. The Enlightenment Desktop is built upon the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL), utilizing both user interface and Compositor-specific libraries.

Enlightenment Desktop

Install Enlightenment Desktop in Ubuntu

To integrate the latest version of Enlightenment Desktop (0.26.0) into your Ubuntu 22.04, Ubuntu 20.04, or Ubuntu 23.10 system, follow the steps below using the provided PPA. Open the terminal application using the shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+T) and execute the following commands sequentially to ensure the installation of the latest Enlightenment Desktop.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/e17

Enter your user password when prompted and press Enter to proceed. Then, update the package list with:

sudo apt update

Finally, install the Enlightenment Desktop by executing the following command:

sudo apt install enlightenment

Once the installation is complete, log out of your current session, and upon logging back in, select the “Enlightenment” session to experience the new desktop environment. Explore the innovative features and aesthetics that Enlightenment brings to your Ubuntu system.

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