How to install Abricotine markdown editor on Ubuntu

Abricotine is a free open source markdown editor for Windows, OSX and Linux. It comes with distraction-free user interface and inline preview. With this inline preview you can preview your document content automatically within the text as you type it. You can also preview image, iframe content, Youtube, Instagram, math written with LateX, checklists and anchors.It also supports some GFM enhancements such as tables. Some other features are code coloration and spell checker. you can configure Abricotine by clicking Edit preferences in the Edit menu.

Abricotine markdown editor

Download Abricotine markdown editor

Install Abricotine markdown editor on Ubuntu Linux

Go to the Abricotine markdown editor above download page and download the latest .deb file and save it on your Downloads folder.

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Note: For me its abricotine_1.1.4_amd64.deb. It will look different based on the version number.

Then open the terminal software and run below command to install it. You can open the terminal app using ctrl+alt+t keys or via the application menu.

sudo apt install ./Downloads/abricotine*.deb


sudo apt install ./Downloads/abricotine_1.1.4_amd64.deb

Change the file name based on yours.

After the successful installation of abricotine you can open it from the applications menu or via below command.


That’s it.

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