Publish WordPress Posts to Koo Multilingual Social Media

Koo is an Indian Social Network alternative to Twitter. Now you can automatically publish your WordPress Posts to Koo social network using the official Koo Publisher WordPress plugin by the KooApp team. Koo Publisher is a simple and easy-to-use app. Currently, it provides an option to toggle auto-post at an article level or the whole site. Using this you can also embed Koos by pasting the URL of the Koo in your WordPress. Just follow all the below steps to install and activate koo auto poster on your WordPress website.

How to install Koo Publisher WordPress Plugin on your website

Login to your WordPress admin dashboard. (wp-admin/login).
In your WordPress admin dashboard click plugins and select Add New.
Type User Koo Publisher in the search field and press the enter key.
Click the Install Now button in Koo Publisher WordPress plugin by Koo India.
After the successful installation click the activate Plugin link to activate Koo Publisher.

Koo Publisher

You can also download and install Koo Publisher WordPress Plugin manually from the below download link.

Download Koo Publisher

Go to Plugins-> Add New-> Upload Plugin and upload the downloaded plugin .zip file and install.

Add Koo API key in WordPress

After the installation and activation of the Koo Publisher plugin, go to Koo Publisher Settings in your website WordPress Dashboard.

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It will open the Koo Publisher settings. In the API Key field, you need to add Koo API key. Enter the Koo API key and press save changes. Currently, you will get two auto-publish options.

Koo Publisher API Settings

Yes (All articles will be posted to Koo on publish)
No (You can selectively choose article to post on Koo from the Koo publisher sidebar setting)

Just select Yes if you want to auto-publish all articles to koo after your article post submission.

If you select No then you will get enable the disable option for each post.

Koo post level control

How to get Koo Publisher API Key

It’s very easy to get a free koo API key. Just mail to the below mail address. Just explain why you need with your Koo profile url and your Koo handler. They will create a new free Koo API key and send to you. It will take just one day to get a key.

[email protected]

That’s all. Happy Koo.

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